Scott Baldridge has been remodeling and painting his whole life.

Since working with his Dad and other Family members growing up, til now having his own small business remodeling service.  This has given him many years of experience in Painting, Trim work, Flooring to roofs, plumbing to fixtures, and a little of everything in between.

As a small business man, Scott brings his many years of handy man services and rental property experience to you.

As many times as he has painted a few rooms, tore out unwanted walls, or added a few rooms to a growing family home, you’d be amazed at what he is capable of.  And how efficient he has become at it.  He don’t cut corners by any means, but definitely don’t believe in wasteful business practice.  He knows all about a family budget, and helping get things done within it.

 If your looking for a flashy, big crew, money chomping contractor with a million dollars in commercials and flashy trucks, this is not the page for you.

Scott is a small operation, with his trusty F-250 Utility truck, his Family, and his trusted tools, he can tackle just about any job you may have.  He don’t need under-managed, profit driven,  commission based employees running around running up tabs and leaving the customer cut short.  He’d rather personally follow each job through to the end and know he’s leaving quality in his tracks.

If your looking for personalized, one on one, home town experience, with integrity and quality at the forefront of each decision, then your at the right place.

When you call Scott, you’ll either talk to Scott, or if a tool is in his hand, you might get his wife or worst case, a voicemail.  But he will always call you back personally and show up personally to great you and go over your wants and needs to create a plan that best works for your schedule, budget, and time frames.  And he will be there for the final walk through to ensure everything is right as it should be to meet the expectations set during initial consultation.

Hopefully, he can meet your needs and become your remodeling business of choice for years to come.

We understand there are some very large job’s out there with tight deadlines.  And those may or may not be too big for Scott.  But he also knows a few trustworthy businesses and has networked with other honest small businesses in the Waco Area to help get you taken care of, even if it means passing one up.  He’d rather see you happy than simply make a buck off of you.  But hopes he can help you either way and earn your business.  Because even if he can’t build your whole home in 3 months, he can definitely add that rear deck later on when the times right.

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